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Olympic Residence Blog Competition 2017

Deadline July 23, 2017
In this competition we expect participants in the blog to talk about one of the topics we provide below. The Olympic Apartment Residence Sentul Blog contest conducted with the terms and conditions of registration mudah.Free
Topic: “How to know the Olympic Sentul Residence”
Provided by: Residenza Sentul
A: general
Period: June 1, 2017 to July 23, 2017

Winner: 1 Piece Smartphone Xiaomi
Second – IV: 1 Camera Piece Xiaomi Yi Action
Grand Prix: Trip to Singapore

Terms and conditions of competition in the blog:
1. Participants at least 18 years of age.
2. Individual (individual).
3. The competition is free or FREE!
4. Use the following blogging platforms: blogspot, wordpress, tumblr, or Wattpad.
* Blogspot recommended.
5. Each participant can register more than one blog / domain with the provisions of 1
Writing works for a domain. It is not allowed to register more than one blog / domain through a written work of the same (in duplicate).
6. The requested Blog does not contain elements of pornography, gambling, offensive
SARA, or illegal stock / cargo.
Article 7. The winner will become the property of the organizers of the contest and will
Which appears on the Olympic website Residencia Sentul.
8. Once the contest is over, the winner of the banned edition or delete articles.
9. Participants are prohibited from using the article plagiarism. The content of the blog fully in
Responsibility of the participant.
10. Competition Decision 2017 The jury’s blog is final and can not be
11. Participants are expected to obey all rules and regulations.
12. Participants who violate the rules will be automatically disqualified.
13. If you have any questions, please contact

Well, already know the terms and conditions? Now, how to follow and writing techniques? Here is how!
How to follow:
1. FansPage like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Follow Olympic Residence.
2. Select one of the following topics that are told to you:
• Support facilities to be around Residence Olympic Apartment (educational centers, hospitals, transportation, and others)
• tourist attractions around Olympic Residence Apartment
• Ramadan Diversity in the Olympic Quarter Apartment Residence Sentul
• Religious tourism on Olympic Apartment Sentul Residence

3. Please register by entering your personal data as follows: Full name, email, mobile address No., Address Current address and content of the blog is contested (Example: www.yourdomain.blogspot .com / asiknya-traveled In Sentul)
Technical writing:
1. The article must be made according to the subject of the previous selection.
2. The material must be associated with the title of the article and made in Indonesia.
3. The writing length of at least 300 words (excluding job title).
4. There is no typographical error (errata) and a subtitle.
5. The article should have a hyperlink that refers to the Olympic website
Sentul residence.
6. There is a positive outlook and review of Olympic Apartment
Sentul residence.
7. The quality of writing is a priority factor.
8. In case equipped with illustrations, drawings, photos or video.
9. Messages should not contain elements of racial intolerance, pornography, negative incitement or
The element of the wrongful act.
10. The works will be included in this Competition should never have
Published and / or have not been included in the competition of others similar or different.
11. Creative writing must not infringe copyright or intellectual property rights.
Whatever of the parts. Olympic Sentul residence team is not responsible if there is later a claim by the other party regarding messages made by the participants.

How easy is it? For more information about the 2017 Blog competition, please visit this link If you have any questions, please contact

Come and join the competition 🙂

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