Call For Paper “Konferensi Mahasiswa Nasional”

The National Student Conference is one of a series of VIII Free Economic Corruption events comprised of national student paper competitions, mini-talk shows, and group discussions. The event was held under the control of Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics and Business UGM.

This year, the National Student Conference of EBK VIII aims to

“Mewujudkan Pendidikan di Indonesia yang Bebas Korupsi”.

Students from all universities in Indonesia are  invited to present the idea of ​​corruption in accordance with their scientific background. Through this event, the young generation is expected to participate actively in fighting corruption in Indonesia, especially corruption in the education sector.
Total prize reached Rp17.500.000

N.B. Registration form and guideline can be downloaded at
Further information
Line: @ teb4675y
Facebook: EBK FEB UGM
Twitter: @ebkfebugm @ebkfebugm
Instagram: EBK FEB UGM

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