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The National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTIN) is one of a series of events From GLANCE 2017 which is the sixth anniversary of the LNG Academy’s sixth anniversary. This year LKTIN GLANCE 2017 theme “Implementasi Teknologi Menuju Masyarakat Mandiri”. The theme raised in LKTIN this time is a reflection of LNG’s concern Academy on the importance of education and community independence for the sake of Progress of the Indonesian Nation. With LKTI is expected to encourage the emergence of the nation’s youth Which is not only strong in the intellectual field but also creative, innovative and Concerned with the progress of the Indonesian Nation.

Rules of Competition
The theme of the paper: “Implementasi teknologi menuju masyarakat mandiri
Registration Mechanism
1. Following twitter account, line, facebook, instagram LNG Academy.
2. Registering and uploading abstracts through a form that can be on Access at no later than July 19th
2017, at 23:59 pm.
3. The team that passes the abstract selection stage will be announced on the 4th August 2017 at
4. The team that escaped the abstract, dilakukakan redemption registration fee of Rp 100.000, – through account: Account number: BRI 1113-01-017044-50-4 a.n. ANDI ADAM AZWARDANI
5. After making the payment, the representative of the team performs a mandatory confirmation To the committee via SMS or WA with number:
Nafidatul Ilmiah (081381227333) or
Arif Gunawan (085740824931)
Confirmation Format:
GLANCE2017KTI_FULLPAPER_’Complete Name ‘_’ Origin University ‘_ (Transfer over name)
Example: GLANCE2017KTI_FULLPAPER_Suci Ayu Pratiwi_PNJ_ (Suci Ayu Pratiwi)
6. Team send softcopy proof of payment (scan or photo) format

  • JPG / JPEG, softcopy of official and official 3×4 team member photo with format
  • JPG / JPEG and softcopy of student card (scan or photo) with format

7. Sending full paper softcopy with PDF format with file FULLPAPER_Name Chairman Team_University_ Title KTI
8. The file is sent to email
9. The deadline for the final collection of files shall be no later than the 5th September 2017, at 23:59 pm
10. LKTI Finalists will be announced on 28 September 2017
11. Participants who are declared as finalists shall confirm to the committee No later than November 1, 2017, at 23:59 pm. If Exceeding the specified time limit then the committee shall be entitled Replacing the team with a backup of another finalist candidate underneath
12. The decision of the jury shall be absolute and inviolable. No There is correspondence or communication with the committee / jury during the process judging or about the results of the race.
13. All fouls in this race will result in a reduction assessment and disqualification. Terms that have not been listed above will arranged in the future.
14. All participants of the finalists will receive an Industrial visit facility national in Bontang, and attending the peak evening of GLANCE 2017.
Grand Final
1. The team that pass the best 5 works will be invited to presented his work at Grand Final of Scientific Writing Competition National GLANCE 2017 on November 18, 2017 before the jury.
2. The Grand Final will be held at Badak LNG Learning Center, Bontang, East Kalimantan.
3. The escaped teams are required for presentation in the form of PPT, and allowed to bring prototype / product from Writing made as a presentation tool.
4. Presentation sessions are conducted each group each 45 minutes
5. National industry visit in Bontang, will be held on the 19th November 2017
Assessment Criteria
1. Scientific papers received within the prescribed time limit will be selected and will be set 5 finalists by the jury team.
2. Assessment is done by a jury that has been established by the 2017 GLANCE committee
3. The jury will determine the winner based on the results of that assessment
 Conformity of writing with the theme specified.
 Originality of ideas or ideas created.
 Clarity of key ideas, problem focus and analysis results.
 Completeness of Scientific Writing includes Title, Abstract, Introduction,
Contents / Main Issues, Conclusions, References / References.
 Accuracy in the selection of words and sentences, including grammar
4. At the grand final stage, the creativity in the presentation becomes one
Assessment category

so, guys fighting 🙂

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